Building your firm's prosperity

For over 20 years I have been assisting law firms like yours with a proven record of success

If you are a law firm partner or director then the chances are you are very busy working on your own files.

 You probably lack the time and maybe even the expertise to focus on the myriad of things you could be doing to develop your firm.  That’s where Professional Edge adds value.

My niche is taking the management worry from YOUR niche – and making professional work enjoyable and satisfying again. I can help you to create an energised workplace with high performance teams, great clients and increased profitability.

I bring the 20 year experience of Professional Edge to your partner meetings, your decision-making and your action plans.  I help you see the wood from the trees and take strategic actions that propel your firm in the right direction.

"I measure my achievements as a consultant by the increased profitability and performance that my clients have achieved. Along the way many of them have become happier workplaces with positive culture and reduced staff turnover."