Irene has more than 20 years’ experience working with law firms as a consultant

The purpose of Professional Edge

The purpose of Professional Edge is to build the success and prosperity of medium to small professional firms.  

The term PROSPERITY is used deliberately because it implies more than financial success. It is also about enhancing the well-being and career satisfaction of both partners and employees.  

In turn, the positive culture that prosperity creates has an impact on the service experience and satisfaction of clients.  This is the key to repeat business and referrals.  

I am pleased to say that I have discovered a niche that I still love to work in.  It gives me great pleasure to assist others to find a niche that makes their professional work enjoyable and satisfying too.

History with the legal profession

For the past 20 years Irene has developed and presented numerous New Zealand Law Society CPD workshops, including “Effective Supervision and Profitability”, and “Secrets of Success - Prospering as a small to mid-size firm”.  She is also a presenter in “Stepping Up” a compulsory NZLS programme for new and aspiring partners. Irene has been invited to speak at legal conferences and has regularly published articles in Law Talk and other specialist publications.

Irene’s involvement with the legal community includes being appointed as a Member of one of the Law Society Standards Committees in Auckland.  She has served on this committee for a number of years.   Standards committees have the authority to make decisions regarding client complaints to the Law Society about services received from law firms.

Prior to starting her consulting practice, Irene held positions as National Training Manager at Russell McVeagh, and Human Resources Manager at Arthur Andersen.


Areas of expertise include:
  • Strategic Planning workshops to build future prosperity
  • Leadership and management guidance for Partners
  • Leverage, succession and high performance team planning
  • HR management strategies and staff development 
  • Defining values, culture and other differentiating factors
  • In house training workshops 
  • Client selection and specialisation strategies 

Being conscious about your leadership

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