Survey for CS Law by Professional Edge

Below is the link to your survey.  Instructions for completing the survey:

Click the link.  It will open the Survey in your Word system.

Save the survey form in your system.  

When you are ready to complete the survey, open it and click on ‘enable editing’.

Type your responses in the document.  Keep saving as you type so that you do not lose your answers.  Save the document again when you are finished.  

Return your completed document directly to Irene Joyce’s email

No-one except Irene will see your individual forms.  Partners will receive a report with the combined themes and ideas that emerge out of your feedback.  

THE SURVEY IS DUE BACK BY WEDNESDAY 18 SEPTEMBER so that Irene can collate your responses before the Strategic Planning Day.  You are welcome to forward the form to a personal email address and use that for the return if you wish.  Thank you for participating